In a place where only the top floor pent house key works, where there are not fingerprints left on the baby grand piano, all labels are faced forward in the sub zero fridge and the cheapest bottle of wine is no less than a mane stream car payment… Up here the view is nothing less than perfection looking over the city of sparkling lights,  the weekend’s Trouble clef Notes bellow threw out this 8.9 million view over looking Sin city. Her silk macaroon pink agent provocateur robe sweeps the travertine floor as her fresh O.P.I pedicure dances around with delight of her accomplishments and success. Submerged in her happiness the door bell rings… as she scurries to the 11 foot tall Mahoganywood French doors she opens with a smile of seduction, slightly tuging on her robe to expose her toned curvy body a shadowed figure stands tall before her and she replys… Come in….

Mentally here.


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