I find myself on a beautiful day sipping a Malibu black cocktail, munching on a salmon Asian salad and a little cheese, lying in my mediocre bed with less than 1000 count sheets watching season four Sex and the City I can say I am so thankful for all that I have been given! This is the first day off that I’ve had in about 11 days but when you’re building an empire there really are no days off  which I am just fine with I’m just overwhelmed with gratefulness. Feeling this way makes me only want to make any and everyone that is reading my blog feel the same the world is abundant enough to share and I want to share. I’m still learning the tricks to the trade however should any of you reading have any questions when it comes down to business rather its building, managing or operating I will do my best to recite some of the helpful information that I’ve learned along my journey and I will do this for free because I love to help.😊 I’m open.

                     Until next time xoxo 


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