Glass always half full

Listening to Bishop T.D Jakes ,as I often do I recall a service in which he talked about opposition and opportunity. As I listened he made me think what percentage of people actually look at opposition as a road block rather than an opportunity? I will say being strong enough to say no obstacle will get in the way of my success has most certainly bought upon opposition as it has and will with any successful individual.

I started this road of effective thinking almost two years ago, and it’s still very new to me, often we put our selfs in a room with toxic people and don’t even realize it unfortunately, how you say? Two things because we often trust the ones we love family, spouse, friends get give us advice on something they have never experienced them selfs and because they don’t always seem to realize talking about something or some one in a negative light can literally put a gray cloud over your feelings and thoughts and that is exactly why the percentage of successful people is a lot smaller than the percentage who are ” okay ” with life in its mediocrity.

Thinking more positively has tremendous side effects not only mentally but physically has a good effect on the body!
I challenge you to start your positive thinking today try it for a week an should you run into opposition( and you will) take advantage of it and locate the opportunity in it.

Until next time.



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