Fabric problems?

This is all a learning experience for me and when it comes to the world of fashion it’s often repeated but also regurgitated into new forms. As I learn more and step up into my fashion greatness I sometimes run into a fabric snag, it can often be challenging when matching/ pairing article’s together based on fabric type, texture, and print. The new year is what bought this message to mind I had purchased a black shin high tool (sheer) skirt with 3 tears I struggled to find not only an appropriate top but also a bottom that still had a small window of sexy and allowed my small curves the peek threw. Searching  threw my options in panic because this rarely happens me not being able to pull it together at the last minute, I realized honestly it is you who make the outfit not the the reverse! so I  paired  it with a pair of yummy tummy waist high full back undies and a white tuxedo blazer and gold Christian’s and who knew it was a hit!  Trust your Style!!!



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