Fashion Fight!

It’s funny I woke up this morning thinking about this awesome journey I have been on thus far and believe me when I say it has had it’s hard times too reminding myself of the trials and tribulations endured and literally how hard  the fight against what the amazing universe has in store for me with out my knowing(how silly of me to block such a blessing). Here I  am trying and doing all these new things to satisfy myself when the answer is fashion, always has been and it always will be.

Any who in other news we have just passed another wonderful year! which means sales!!!!!!! where you can total score some great deals on your favorite designers ZARA is a great pick they provide clothing that is very simple, classic and clean lined for a great price even if its not on sale! Also Intermix is another awesome location/web site that has many designer like 3.1Phillip Lim, Jimmy Choo, and Cambell just to name a few. Don’t deprive your self of fascinating fashion cease the fight!

tell next time xox.

intermix Zara


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